MIAD Thesis 2013 – Collections

“You don’t  know where you are going, unless you know where you’ve been.”

 I am an American-born descendant of Eastern European immigrants. My family lived a nomadic lifestyle and were slowly pushed from their home before emigrating to the United States. With this loss of home came emotional baggage and strong traditions that have come to define my familial identity.  These traditions are now diluted and have been assimilated into contemporary American culture;one that is fast-paced, technology driven, and lives in excess.

Bohemian traditions rely heavily on a respectful relationship with nature. Our sense of home is tied to people within the family, regardless of our place. Our character and values directly reflect our lineage within this culture. Since my family is dwindling, our identity is fleeting.  I am left nearly alone to make sense of myself and my place here without a definite destination or purpose; My mind wanders because my soul is lonely, lost and looking.

This series addresses issues of familial loss, personal identity, and a return to earth-based spirituality. This return has resulted in loneliness due to my rejection of popular ideals. When met with this loneliness, I often reflect on the infancy of human existence and the delicate balance between life and death. I have become aware that we are destroying all that is around us. By using abstract symbols and natural objects, I am writing visual poetry to start a conversation to build my lost community, and find my purpose as an artist.

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