Statement –

“You can’t know where you are going, unless you know where you have been”

-Buddhist Proverb


 I am an American descendant of Eastern European Immigrants. My ancestors lived  nomadic lifestyles and were slowly pushed from their home, before immigrating to the United States. With this came emotional baggage and strong traditions that once defined my familial identity.  These now influenced and affected by contemporary American culture.  I frequently ponder what being American means to me in today’s society.

Our traditions rely on the value of kinship and a respectful relationship with our environment. Our sense of home is tied to the family, regardless of place. Our character and values directly reflect the people that raised us and those who raised them.

The blood that runs through my body is a collection of this culture and mixed traditional ties. I am left alone to make sense of myself and my place here. Since my family is withering,our identity is fleeting and I am aging.  My mind wonders because my soul is lonely, lost and looking.

The work included in this series, addresses issues of..

19. February 2013 by admin
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