“You’re Just Like Your Mother” 2012

“You’re Just Like Your Mother”

I was raised in a very close family of four. As I learn who I am through my camera, I need to photograph to organize this information and become aware as an adult. I cannot be a successful adult without knowing what parts of me come from my family and what parts I have made myself.

My mother is a strong woman, but we are very emotionally detached. I am looked at as my “father’s daughter” in my family and what she doesn’t like in him are the faults she sees in me. We were not very close when I was an adolescent. This lack of relationship has caused me to question myself, my womanhood, and my place in our family.

“You’re Just Like Your Mother” is my search into my relationship with my mother; I am examining our emotional detachment, physical features, and my life in comparison to the women I grew up wanting nothing more than approval from. This body of work will help me gain insight on who I am now and what to rely parts of myself to rely on and which parts to grow from.

23. May 2013 by admin
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